Strategic Leadership - Workshop




A carefully planned strategy is crucial to the success of every organisation. This intensive course provides insight into the board level knowledge and skills required to create and manage effective company-wide strategies that generate value for your business and its customers.


This course will explore one of the most important roles of a board: formulating and implementing strategy and managing enterprise risk, and will assist you in your role of leading the strategic process and preparing for implementation.


Strategic Leadership is Part 3 in the SLID Board Leadership Director Certification Programme and may be followed as a stand-alone or taken as part of the full qualification. An excellent programme complied with material from IFC, Global Governance Forum and accredited by the SEC. On completion of this part you will receive a Certificate of completion.  



Learning Objectives

By attending this course you will gain knowledge and skills to:


  • ·   Gain a clear understanding of the director’s role in the development of an effective strategy.

  • ·   Use key performance frameworks and indicators to evaluate an organizational performance.

  • ·   Examine how a board should identify and implement appropriate actions based on performance assessment.

  • ·   Conduct effective appraisal and evaluate CEO’s and other executive director’s performance.

  • ·   Describe the nature of risk and the board’s role in risk management.

  • ·   Apply risk-assessment and decision-making frameworks.

  • ·   Outline priorities for disaster-recovery and business-continuity-planning.

  • ·   Understand corporate responsibility(CR) and related terms and the board’s role in strategy and risk to CR.

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Wednesday, 15 May 2017


Module 3: The Governance of Risk     

Module 2: Evaluating Strategy Delivery and Executive Directors' Performance       


Thursday, 16 May 2017

Module 4: Corporate Responsibility       

Module 1: The Governance of Strategy 

Event Details

Date Tuesday, May 15, 2018 - 8:30am

 Galle Face 1

Cost Members Rs. 35,000 Non-Members Rs. 40,000

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