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Membership Types

SLID membership is classified in to three categories: Members, Associates & Affiliates.


The eligibility criteria for each membership category is summarized below.                     


Ordinary Member

A Director registered with the Registrar of Companies or of a State Owned Enterprise (SOE), a Board/Company Secretary, a Partner of a professional firm, a Country Head/CEO or Head of a Department of a branch of a multi national in Sri Lanka shall be eligible to join the Institute as a 'Member'. 


An Associate of the Institute shall include any one of the following

(i) an individual who is in the Corporate or Senior Management of a Private or Public Company, Partnership incorporated Sri Lanka, reporting directly to a Director, Partner or Proprietor,

(ii) an Academic at the level of Professor or equivalent.


An Affiliate of the Institute shall include any one of the following:

(i) a person interested in the affairs of the Institute and holding a management position and aspiring to be a Director.

(ii) Full time students at a recognised University, or equivalent, with no management experience studying for a Post Graduate qualification.


For further details on membership please refer the SLID By Laws

Membership Fees
On application for Membership, an enrolment fee is payable as follows:


Enrolment fee 

Ordinary Member   - Rs. 5,000 (+Taxes)
Associate              - Rs. 3,000 (+Taxes)

Affiliate                - Rs. 2,000 (+Taxes)


To be sent to the Secretariat together with the application form.

Annual Subscription fee

Ordinary Members - Rs. 7,500 (+ Taxes)
Associate              - Rs. 3,500 (+Taxes)

Affiliate                - Rs. 2,000 (+Taxes)

This is payable to the Secretariat together with the application form and the enrolment fee and subsequently at the commencement of each financial year.


The Institute reserves the right to alter the above fees without notice.

Prospective Ordinary Members/ Associates are requested to duly perfect the attached application form and forward same to reach the CEO, at the address below. Once we receive your application form we will check it for completeness and raise an invoice for the appropriate amount. Once the payment has been received the application will be put forward at the next Council Meeting for approval.


Contact us:
The Sri Lanka Institute of Directors
Room 166
Cinnamon Grand Colombo,
No. 77, Galle Road
Colombo 03

Telephone: 0113 620613, 0113 620609